4 Benefits Of An IT Help Desk

IT Help Desk

No one likes experiencing IT problems, us included. This is why we have a dedicated IT help desk to quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues.

Outsourcing IT help desk support creates a more productive atmosphere for employees. After all, less troubleshooting, means more gets done.

1. Saves Valuable Time

We found a study that shows employees spend an average of 22 minutes every day troubleshooting computer issues themselves. That adds up to 91 hours per year for full-time employees.

We can only imagine how much more businesses could accomplish with 91 hours per employee. A few ways having an IT help desk saves time include:

  • Less time troubleshooting
  • Problems are solved faster by professionals
  • Help desk workers find underlying problems

2. Help At All Hours

Even when businesses have IT staff, clients still tell us how difficult it is to get IT support 24/7. We work with technology, so we know first hand that things don’t just break from 9 to 5 on weekdays only. An IT help desk is there to help that employee who has to work overtime on a major project on a Saturday night when the network suddenly goes down.

3. Create Proactive Solutions

We often see IT help desks mistaken for just general IT support. The truth is, these services actually gather data when people contact them. For instance, we may notice from three different incidents that there is a much larger underlying issue. Until that is fixed, the issues will worsen. We’ll contact the business, let them know about our findings and give them the steps to remedy the situation and increase productivity and efficiency even more.

4. Prioritized Support

While everyone believes their problem should be the highest priority, IT help desk staff are trained to know how to effectively prioritize tasks to ensure the most urgent issues are addressed first. For instance, we’d address network connectivity problems over an individual computer since that affects the entire business. It’s not uncommon to have multiple issues at once and knowing how to prioritize saves valuable time, especially when fixing one issue could easily fix all the rest.

Interested in learning more about how IT help desk support benefits businesses of all sizes? Contact us today to see how we can help.