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In the past, legal firms were more dependent on legal libraries than technology, but in today’s digital landscape, law offices are relying on technology more than ever for research and operations. From finding applicable case studies, managing a client database to submitting legal documents online, much of the work done by paralegals and clerks are done digitally.
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Legal Technology

Law firms rely on technology for:

  • Creating documents electronically
  • Represent companies affected by breaches
  • Use data analytics tools to uncover ethical dicrepancies
  • Help with restructuring IT
  • Offer law services online
  • Collaborate with their team, even remotely

Supporting Law Firms

Law firms use a variety of devices and often work remotely while connecting with clients, researching cases, and attending court.
This means they need solutions that allow them to access information and stay in contact, no matter where they might be.

They also need ways to secure sensitive data and access data quickly. A few of the ways we help support law firms include:

Analyzing networks and systems to uncover and fix security problems

Advise on storing and securing data for remote access, such as cloud services
Implementing collaboration and file sharing platforms for better workflow
Providing IT support as needed to keep systems updated and get systems back online in case of an outage

We provide full IT services and consulting for the legal industry. For more information on how we can help with security and productivity, contact us today.

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