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Why Small Businesses Are Outsourcing IT Maintenance

Outsourcing IT Maintenance

We often work with small businesses that hesitate on outsourcing IT maintenance or other tasks. It’s natural to fear trusting someone else for something as important as IT.

While we fully understand that, small businesses have much to gain from this partnership. This is why 11.9% of the average IT budget now goes towards outsourcing.

Saving Money

One of the first surprises we offer our clients is cost savings. Someone somewhere spread a rumor that outsourcing IT maintenance cost far more than having an in-house staff. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In one survey, 59% of respondents stated they outsourced IT as a cost-cutting tool.

It’s not cost-effective for small businesses to have a full IT staff. While they do need IT support, they don’t need it as often or for as many devices. Outsourcing allows them to get the support they need for less than a single employee’s salary.

Focus On The Business

We often hear from small business owners who have tried to wear all the hats. They’re owner, manager, IT tech, accountant and so on. It’s not possible to do everything and still grow a business. In the same survey, 57% of respondents stated they outsourced IT to have more time to focus on the core business. IT maintenance is time-consuming, but still has to be down regularly.

We live and breathe IT and that’s what we focus on. However, we have other experts to take care of the areas where we aren’t as proficient. It’s all about creating partnerships to get the expertise necessary to continue growing the business.

Improve Technology Adoption

People don’t like change. They definitely hate change they don’t understand. This is why we offering not only implementation assistance, but employee training. It’s hard to help employees when the owner doesn’t even fully know how a new app or solution works. Of course, this gets even worse when those solutions aren’t properly maintained and keep causing issues.

Outsourcing IT maintenance ensures solutions work as they’re supposed to. Along with maintenance, we also offer training to ensure employees know how to get the most from the tools available to them. Plus, using solutions correctly means less maintenance as employees don’t keep pushing the wrong buttons.

Ready to learn more about outsourcing IT maintenance and how it helps small businesses grow? Contact our team today to find out how we can help.