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Maintain Compliance & Security

Compliance and security in biotech and the solutions we offer are all HIPAA compliant. Plus, we also offer security services, such as vulnerability scans and penetration testing to drastically reduce the risk of a breach.

We can also provide managed IT services–patching systems and ensuring that all software is up to date, which further reduces security risks.

Common regulations and frameworks needed in the biotech industry are:

HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

HIITRUST – Health Information Trust Alliance

Overcome Your Industries Challenges

The biotech industry faces unique challenges as they work with sensitive data and personal health information. As such, businesses in this industry must ensure all technology used is HIPAA compliant. Any breach or system failure could violate compliance and put patients’ identities at risk.

Some of the most common challenges biotech faces are:

Transitioning Leadership

Budget Constraints

Limited or No Onsite IT Staff



Disaster Recovery Planning

You need access to information quickly without the worry of downtime. Does your team have a disaster recovery plan in place? A data loss or breach event in biotech could have catastrophic results.

Disaster Recovery


Biotech businesses have access to tons of sensitive information and research. Is yours protected? Learn how to protect your business with proactive monitoring tools and more.

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Speed up your environment and save costs on physical hardware with virtualization. Learn how to technologically transform your business and gain a competitive edge.

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