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Email, server, and system migrations

A seamless migration helps make transitioning easier for your entire team. We provide strategic insight and planning for email, server, and system migrations to ensure things run smoothly without downtime. Make sure you have everything you need to migrate to new hardware, new software, or new systems.

Email Platform Planning and Migration to Microsoft 365

  • Google Workspaces
  • On-premises Exchange
  • IMAP
  • Tenant to Tenant
  • GoDaddy Defederation

File Share Planning and Migration to SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive

  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • Windows File Shares
  • Linux File Shares

Email Platform Planning and Migration to Microsoft 365

What is an email migration?

Email integrations are projects where we move your email from one platform to another. These are often performed because the environment you are migrating to is more cost-effective, stable, and secure.

On-premises Exchange
to Microsoft 365 Migration

For this type of email migration, there can be many variables depending on your local exchange version, whether you’re using public folders and calendars, and varying amounts of distribution lists and mail-enabled security groups. We can handle migrations from any on-prem Exchange version and any level of complexity.

Google Workspaces
to Microsoft 365 Migration

Google Workspaces is a great platform but doesn’t have the same inherent security features as Microsoft 365. Businesses will often need to append 3rd party applications to match the security, stability, and convenience that Microsoft 365 offers.

to Microsoft 365 Migration

IMAP stands for Internet Messaging Access Protocol. Many providers offer email services when you purchase a domain name, so your business can get started instantly with emailing from your branded domain. These servers often lack security and can be less convenient when setting up email in applications like Outlook. We can migrate from any IMAP server to Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 Tenant
to Tenant Migration

There are many cases where you’d need to move from one tenant to another, such as acquisitions, divestitures, or mergers. Your business may already have all email and SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive data in a Microsoft 365 tenant, but you need to separate your domain and users from an existing one. We can get this done no matter your needs.


This is a special type of “migration” for the Microsoft 365 platform. GoDaddy has their own version of Microsoft 365 Exchange and many businesses started here when purchasing their domain and are now having issues with operating their Microsoft 365 from within the GoDaddy platform. This isn’t a formal migration, as you have a complete Microsoft 365 tenant already; it’s just the Exchange (email) portion of your tenant that needs to be migrated, which is done in the background by GoDaddy and its partners. We are experienced in helping businesses through the formal defederation process.

 File Share Planning and Migration to SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive

Why are SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive included as destination sources for file share migrations?

It can be confusing when understanding how these platforms integrate. SharePoint is the common denominator as it stores the information for SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive. 

  • SharePoint can host file shares and be used as an intranet for any purpose you can think of, often to enhance departmental communication and collaboration.
  • Teams is a messaging platform and can store files in independent Teams groups for easy access across your company’s departments.
  • OneDrive is for people’s personal files and is the application installed on your computer that is in charge of the synchronization process between your computer and SharePoint.

 SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive all have the ability to host files, so depending on your business’s needs, we can migrate data into any of them to optimize your file storage and collaboration.

Dropbox, Box, Windows and Linux File Shares to SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive

Since so many companies are switching to the Microsoft 365 platform, they’re often looking to consolidate 3rd party applications and optimize file storage. Dropbox and Box are great products, but they can be prohibitive as a business scales in size. They can require another paid subscription when Microsoft 365 licenses include SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive storage space.

Windows and Linux files shares often rely on physical servers, NASs, or SANs to be powered on and network connected at your company offices. Moving these up to the cloud increases business continuity and can enhance collaboration for your teams.