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Maintain Compliance & Security

The healthcare industry faces more security and compliance challenges than ever, and too often issues are only found and repaired when it’s too late. Our team of trusted advisors works with you to test your preparedness and help you formulate a plan to ensure your business remains safe and in compliance. Get into and maintain compliance with help from an ISOutsource Trusted Advisor.

Compliance with regulations and frameworks is often required in the healthcare industry. Would your business make it through an audit? Common regulations and frameworks we help within the healthcare industry are:

HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

HIITRUST – Health Information Trust Alliance

Trusted Guidance and Support

We guide healthcare businesses through the optimization of their infrastructure. We’ll help you determine what server and hosting situation is optimal, perform penetration testing for security, monitor your environment for threats and issues, and more.

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Ensuring Your Data Security

Your industry holds a wealth of sensitive data stored on servers. This makes hospitals, doctor’s offices, insurance companies, and research firms, and more are all prime targets for cybercriminals. Today’s healthcare professionals don’t always work in a secured office and often use mobile devices in various locations, introducing new security threats at every turn. We’ll work with you to optimize security, permissions, compliance, and processes to help prepare your business in case of a cyberattack.

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