Why Should I Do a Technology Assessment?

We’ve talked previously about how to do a technology assessment and how to parse through the results. But there’s another key component that we haven’t looked at: why even do a technology assessment in the first place? As with anything in your business, nothing should be done arbitrarily and a tech assessment is far from just another thing to scoot to the bottom of your to-do list. It’s a crucial process in determining your the tech needs of your business. To put this into perspective, we’ll show you why a technology assessment can give you vast insights all across the timeline.

Looking at the Past

In school, you learn history to gain perspective on the world. This often means looking at mistakes and successes of our predecessors and using that as guidance as we move forward. The same is true about a technology assessment. You need to look at the systems you’ve invested in, the time you’ve spent on certain services, and determining if it was worth it. Was that HD video camera actually useful? Did you get use out of the CRM you adopted? What do the other stakeholders in your key tech processes think of the systems and services you’ve previously adopted? The answers to questions like these will give you perspective later down the road.

Looking at the Present

How often do you hear someone complain about a program not working the way it should? The aggravated grunts coming down the hallway, cursing under their breath. These are just a few of the sure signs that something in your current setup and processes isn’t working. A tech assessment will help you delve deeper into these pain points, finding out from your employees exactly what is and isn’t working for them in their current roles. Marking down your current tech inefficiencies and assessing what needs attention is essential to a healthy, functioning business. It also means looking at your current budget and what it has allowed you and where it could be improved or changed to adapt. Which leads to the next step…

Looking Toward the Future

You’ve reflected on your past and assessed your present. All that’s left now is to start planning for the future. This is maybe the most exciting step of the whole process. It means taking all those issues you’ve collected and finding the appropriate solutions. It’s the ultimate payoff of a technology assessment. Now you’ll have the chance to get things back on track. Undoubtedly, with the rapid pace technology moves, you’ll eventually need to do another assessment. However, now you’re in a place to invest in adaptable and scalable technology that will stay up-to-date longer and give your business the support it needs most.

Are you ready to assess and improve your business? ISOutsource comes with a wealth experience with technology assessments and can help you build a plan to meet your needs. Give us a call today and we’ll help you build your business’ technology with a mind toward the future.