Flex Sourcing

ISOutsource’s Flex Sourcing provides a way to augment your IT department’s current skillset, staffing needs, or support process without requiring a full-time employee, lengthy contracts, and without displacing your talented staff.

At ISOutsource, it is our goal to help you focus on the areas of IT that require your attention and skills. We know that IT is tough enough as it is. So, we aim to help you succeed by partnering with internal IT resources in a way that everyone wins. Our teams of highly skilled resources can come along side you and partner in any number of ways to augment the staff you already have in place. As your IT Partner, we are available to support you with:
Project Support
IT Governance
After Hours Support
Remote Help Desk
Subject Matter Expertise
Strategic Planning
Skills Augmentation
Onsite Support for Remote Offices
Security and Compliance Assessment and Remediation
We can flexibly enhance internal IT teams or individuals to help increase productivity, control IT costs, meet service request needs, or provide high level strategy, skills, and subject matter expertise. We do all this without locking you into “support packages” you don’t need or forcing you into a lengthy contract.

When You Look Good, We Look Good

Our Flex Source service is designed to complement your IT department without competing with them.

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No matter the size of the project or frequency of support needs, we can tailor a plan for you - no strings attached. Let us show you how we keep our clients happy, productive, and supported.