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How Servers Work With Your Business

Server is a word used to describe the computing machine of your business’ network, website, applications, and more. Server Platform describes multiple servers as well as the operating system which powers them.

By utilizing server platforms, you can manage many resources across your network.

Common Server Platform Operating Systems

Outside of the hardware itself, the most important component of a server platform is the operating system (OS). The OS defines the types of tools a business has at their disposal to manage their network and overall business.

The three most common operating systems behind server platforms include:

While MacOS isn’t used as widely as Windows and Linux, it’s a viable option for businesses switching mainly to Apple products and software. This ensures compatibility across all devices.

Windows and Linux are more widely used due to their versatility. Choosing the right one varies based on network needs, server hardware resources and required applications. Data centers and cloud services often offer a choice for your server OS.

Uncovering the differences isn’t always easy. We can provide you with unbiased opinions and facts to help you create the best server platforms for your business. Just fill out the form below or message us to chat!

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