Website Hosting

Website Hosting in The Cloud

Cloud-based website hosting works a bit differently than either shared or dedicated hosting options. As with any cloud service, a site is hosted among a cluster of servers that make up the cloud service. For instance, resources may be shared among multiple servers and duplicates of a site are available should any one server crash.

Major cloud platforms are offering full cloud website hosting to give businesses more flexibility and control without the overhead expenses of dedicated or self-hosting. Much like hosting your own server, businesses retain control over resources, security, server setting, access and more.

Hosting for Growing Sites

Shared web hosting is ideal for smaller sites with consistent traffic requirements. However, as sites begin to grow and traffic fluctuates, a different option is necessary. In the past, dedicated and self-hosted were the only other options.

Dedicated website hosting means a site has the entire web server and doesn’t have to share resources. This is a more expensive option and often means a business pays for far more resources than they use or are limited based on the server. With self-hosting, a business must manage everything, including maintaining and servicing the hardware. Once again, it’s an expensive solution.

Cloud Website Hosting Solutions

Cloud website hosting takes a different approach. Websites get the flexibility and scalability that comes with shared hosting without having to share resources with other websites. Dedicated virtual servers are used for each website. As a site grows or needs change, it’s easy to add or remove resources. In most cases, businesses only pay for the resources used each month.

It’s cost effective and ensures a site has room to grow. Businesses don’t have to worry about bandwidth when traffic spikes either.

At ISOutsource, we understand the needs of growing businesses. We’ll work with you to find the right cloud-based website hosting solution. Contact us to discuss your needs to find the best solution.