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Redefining the Managed Services Model in Today’s IT Landscape

We’re redefining the Managed Service Provider Model.

During the pandemic, we provided not only technology support to our over 650 clients, but also consultative services on everything from remote management to cybersecurity incident prevention to budgeting and strategy.

A New Model for “New Normal” Times

We just recently launched a press release and wanted to share with you here.

We announced our vision of the Managed Service Provider (MSP) model. It’s a model where we are augmenting core IT services with Cybersecurity and Strategic consulting services. Our vCISOs (Virtual Chief Information Security Officers) and vCIOs (Virtual Chief Information Officers) along with GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) experts offer a roadmap for clients to transform from a reactive view of technology to a transformational view.

A proactive outlook to Cybersecurity and a gamut of offerings around business productivity applications puts us in a league of our own.

Restructuring Core Offerings

As many organizations reimagine their technology approach on the heels of the pandemic, we’re restructuring our core offerings to fully address our client’s long-term technology needs. This milestone is a major move for us on our mission to provide innovative and strategic technology solutions to strengthen communities, one business at a time.

Every industry vertical is being transformed by technology and this trend will only continue to accelerate. For many companies that don’t have all the right technology resources in-house, a traditional MSP provider isn’t enough. That’s why we are redefining ourselves to offer the full spectrum of technology innovation, helping our clients not only stay current, but succeed.

We’re organized to help businesses move up the technology maturity ladder with vCIO, Consultant, and Engineering teams.

The vCIO team provides clients with Business Technology Assessments, Technology Planning, Budgeting, Risk Management and Compliance.

The Consultant team advises clients on their scalability, security, collaboration, productivity, and data needs and objectives. And the Engineering team implements the required technology tools and frameworks to help clients realize the full potential of their business.

ISOutsource Core Offerings

This is only the beginning of our growth and service offering. As we continue to listen to our clients and their communities, we’re evolving to address every need, so they can thrive and do so securely.

We’re always happy to hear your feedback and would love to chat with you about your technology goals.

About ISOutsource

ISOutsource is a modern technology consulting company and was recognized as a ‘Top 10 Security Solutions Provider’ by a leading magazine among many other accolades during the year 2021. We are well-positioned to serve and grow our client base in Washington, Oregon and Arizona helping them move from reactive to transformational in their use of technology.


Naveen Rajkumar

Naveen Rajkumar is the CEO and President at ISOutsource.

He has over 20 years of digital transformation experience and is passionate about creating thriving communities or happy, productive, and supported businesses.