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Why Outsourcing Tech Support Gives You A Better ROI

We can’t count the number of times businesses have told us that outsourcing tech support wasn’t in their budget. Ironically, it could be what helps their IT budget.

In many cases, outsourcing IT provides a better ROI than hiring part-time or full-time employees.

No Salaries Or Benefits

According to Glassdoor, the average salary for IT Tech Support employees is $39,743 per year. Of course, that varies based on the business and location, so some may earn over $80,000 per year. However, this doesn’t include healthcare, vacation time, 401K and any other benefits.

Outsourcing tech support means businesses don’t have to pay salaries or benefits to an IT staff. Yes, the outsourcing does cost, but it’s far less than hiring in-house staff.

No Training

Every employee has to be trained on a business’s specific system and processes. This takes time and money. With outsourcing, businesses don’t have to pay for training. The service or freelancer handles training on their own. When working with a service like ISOutsource, we ensure all of our staff stays up to date on training for the latest technologies to provide the best possible tech support.

There When Needed

We never know when downtime might happen. Even as an IT support company, we could install a new server in-house and have a hardware malfunction the next day. The truth is, tech troubles can happen anytime. It’s not cost-effective to have 24/7 IT staff. When outsourcing tech support, businesses get IT support on their schedule. There’s no need for full-time personnel, just personnel that are ready to help when something does go wrong.

IT staff handle regular maintenance tasks, but unless something goes wrong, they don’t have much else do to. This is wasted time and money. Outsourcing provides regular maintenance services too, but without any wasted time that businesses have to pay for.

Fewer Incidents

Downtime, hardware problems and more all result in unexpected expenses that ruin IT budgets. Outsourcing tech support often means fewer overall incidents. We stay current on the latest security protocols, understand the best equipment for a business’s needs and ensure new hardware and software is implemented correctly. It’s easier to have a better ROI when systems stay more secure and stable without having a full IT staff in-house.

We know every business wants to save money and boost their ROI. Find out how our IT support services help achieve both of those goals.