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Focus on your mission

Nonprofits face many unique challenges that for-profit businesses do not, all while providing services that can serve as a lifeline for their clients. Technology shouldn’t be something that holds you back from achieving your goals. Let us take care of your technology and IT needs, so you can focus on your mission.

In a nonprofit, every dollar counts. We’ll be sure not to waste a single dollar with services you won’t use. We have experience with nonprofits of all kinds and offer tailored IT services and technology consulting designed to fit your unique needs and mission.

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Your cause is your passion – technology is ours

Your nonprofit can accomplish more with the right technology and the right support. If you’re facing small budgets or inconsistent funding and engagement, there are several ways we can make those challenges easier:

Better Use of Resources

The right technology can make your nonprofit more efficient. By automating processes you’ll free up valuable time and track data effortlessly. Our trusted advisors will work with you to find the technology solution to fits your needs.

Strategic Planning

Including IT in your strategic planning allows you to anticipate potential issues and already get solutions in place. This frees you to keep your focus where it counts. We’ll help you anticipate your needs and budget when the time comes to upgrade or add on to your systems.

Protect and Secure Donor and Client Data

Data is everything when it comes to showing effectiveness and applying for grants. Donors and clients alike want to be assured that their information is safe. We’ll help you maintain compliance with the applicable regulations and frameworks in which you work.

Tech That Fits Your Mission

Your nonprofit has its own mission and values and technology is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. Let us help you find the tech that truly supports your goals.