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Why It’s Important To Choose An IT Partner That Skips The Geek Speak

We all expect to hear geek speak at tech events like hackathons, but we prefer to keep the jargon out of client conversations.

We’re an IT partner that realizes just because we know the terminology, doesn’t mean everyone else does. It’s our job to help and that means explanations versus technobabble.

Geek Speak’s A Foreign Language

As this BBC Capital article explains, geek speak is like a foreign language to someone who’s never learned it. It’d be the same as speaking French to someone who only speaks Spanish and expecting them to fully understand us.

Education Is Better Than Jargon

We don’t believe spouting off a bunch of acronyms is beneficial to customers. Instead of just coming in and saying a bunch of words and letters our customers don’t understand, we seek to educate them. For instance, they might not have a clue what RAM actually is, but when we take a few minutes to explain it, they have a better understanding of what it is and when an issue might be RAM related.

Geek Speak’s Intimidating

We’ve seen other IT support services that use geek speak as a form of intimidation. It’s their way of making a scenario sound worse than it is or persuading a customer to buy something they don’t really need. While that might work for them, we prefer a more honest and straight-forward approach. We consider ourselves a true IT partner to our customers.

We never want customers to feel confused or intimidated. Yes, we provide IT services and we know geek speak inside and out. However, we also know how to explain every term and scenario in a way anyone can easily understand. Afterall, tech is supposed to help people, not seem so confusing that it actually drives people away from it.

Everyone’s An Expert At Something

We personally hate it when someone tries to talk over our heads. It’s frustrating. We weren’t born knowing geek speak. It’s something we chose to learn in order to help others. Odds are, we wouldn’t understand half of what a customer was saying if they used jargon that was specific to their industry, passion or hobby.

The truth is, we all have our own version of geek speak. We recognize that everyone’s an expert at something. It’s only when we talk with instead of just at each other that amazing things get accomplished. We want to work as a team and benefit from each other’s expertise.

Ready to work with an IT partner that avoids all the geek speak? Contact us today to find out more about our services.