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The Covid-19 pandemic was a rude awakening to many small and medium businesses who viewed technology as a necessary evil and were entirely reactive in their approach towards adopting technology. They struggled to adapt to remote work and did not have tools to enable collaboration and productivity.

A question of survival

History reminds us that businesses that become market leaders in their category adopt a ‘transformational’ and ‘innovative’ mindset. Businesses that fail to be proactive are left behind in the dust. Anyone remembers the famous online video streaming platform eliminating the brick-and-mortar video store or the rideshare apps that leveraged technology to leap-frog traditional cab services?

Small and medium business owners are understandably cautious about spending money on technology initiatives since the Return of Investment (ROI) is not obvious at times. Business leaders are slowly, but surely realizing that this mindset leads to a high-risk, high-exposure situation. Every industry vertical is being transformed by technology and this trend will only continue to accelerate. Business leaders are starting to realize that this is becoming a question of survival now.

The ISOutsource advantage

The good news for small and medium sized business owners is that technology is becoming a commodity and they are no longer required to invest millions of dollars in upgrading their technology stack to help propel them towards high growth. A carefully thought-out technology strategy could move the needle in tangible ways with a very modest budget. Retailers can setup a shop in the cloud spending very little money. Chat-bots can be added to a website to field client service queries at a very affordable cost. The Cybersecurity posture can be greatly improved by adding inexpensive yet effective tools. The options are endless and all that is required is a proactive mindset towards technology.

ISOutsource is well equipped to help businesses move up the technology maturity ladder. Our vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officers) team has worked with hundreds of clients to help them with Business-Technology Assessments, Technology Planning, Budgeting, Risk Management and Compliance. Our Consultants are available to discuss your scalability, security, collaboration, productivity, and data needs and our Engineers are available to take on projects that help you implement the required technology tools and frameworks to help you realize the full potential of your business.


About ISOutsource

ISOutsource is a modern technology consulting company and was recognized as a ‘Top 10 Security Solutions Provider’ by a leading magazine among many other accolades during the year 2021. We are well-positioned to serve and grow our client base in Washington, Oregon and Arizona helping them move from reactive to transformational in their use of technology.



Naveen Rajkumar is the CEO and President at ISOutsource.

He has over 20 years of digital transformation experience and is passionate about creating thriving communities or happy, productive, and supported businesses.