Custom Assessments | Using Custom Assessments

Sometimes there are areas of IT that aren’t performing up to par. However, these areas don’t always fit into any assessment services offered by IT service providers. This is why we offer custom technology assessments.

Custom assessments are exactly what they sound like. Businesses explain their problem areas and we develop a custom information technology assessment to uncover what’s wrong and how to remedy the problem. Since we never know where trouble areas might be, we customize as needed to help businesses improve everything related to IT.

Improving IT

Our custom assessments are designed to analyze all areas of your IT infrastructure. Whether it’s mobile policies or network speeds, we can analyze individual components whenever a business needs us to. We can also perform a custom assessment of a business’s entire IT infrastructure to see if there are areas for improvement or not.

Typical Assessments

It’s difficult to list every custom assessment we’ve ever done at ISOutsource. Instead, here are some of the most common ones we do:
  • Network performance
  • IT training
  • Specific software solutions
  • Mobile strategies
  • Upgrade strategies
  • Risk management
  • Backups
  • Security policies
  • Compliance
Of course, every assessment is custom to the business and industry. We only perform assessments after understanding the goals of a business. After all, the goal of IT is to help businesses be more efficient and profitable.

Is there an IT area that you’re having problems with in your business? Contact our team today for a custom assessment to uncover the source of the problem and get suggestions for improvements.