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When you’re heads down on a project, it can be hard to come up for air and ask for help. You’re so focused on getting everything done that it seems like a waste of time to step away for a second and assess if you have everything you need. However, outsourcing talent to work with you on your projects can save you loads of time and stress. Here are some factors that might signal that you need project support.

Volume of Work

One of the easiest ways to tell if you’re in over your head is to just look at the numbers. If you have more work than you can realistically divide between your IT staff, that’s a problem. Typically, this is a sign that your business is booming, which is good, but if you can’t make the deliverables on time then you’re going to be in a predicament that you don’t want to be in. There’s the old phrase “many hands make light work”, and that still applies in the modern era with new technology. There’s a lot you can do with automation and the right skillset, but at some point you’ll reach max capacity to take on work and need to reach out for more help.

Skill-Level of the Work

As you get further into a project, you might find that it requires a level of expertise that you or your team aren’t quite equipped to handle. Sometimes this can be resolved by heavily investing in training and research, but if you’re under a deadline you might not have the time to do so. Bringing in an expert can help immediately alleviate these stresses. They can also come alongside your staff and help better equip them in the future should they run into the same problem again in the future, as well as being an investment for your business growth.

Need for a Change

There are other times where maybe you know you can handle the volume and level of work with your current staff, but you want more. You want to exceed expectations with your client or internally by implementing new apps and technology to your projects. Bringing in an outside perspective can help you reimagine your work and start innovating. It can difficult to figure out exactly what that change looks like on your own. Consult someone with a skillset outside of your own and see which direction they’d recommend you pursue.

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