Benefits Of Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant Tracking System

While we love our staff, we hate the hiring process. It’s too complicated and disorganized, which often makes us feel like we’re might be overlooking great talent.

We know we’re not the only business that feels this way, which is why we now recommend applicant tracking systems to make the hiring process much more user-friendly for everyone involved.

How ATS Works

An applicant tracking system is exactly what it sounds like. The platform aids in everything from job listings to interview assessments. Think of it as a CRM, but for managing job candidates. It’s an HR dream that’s actually easy for any hiring manager to use.

Manage Job Listings And Applications

Before we started trying applicant tracking systems, we had to manage every job listing site individually and make notes on a spreadsheet regarding the number of applications, which candidates we wanted to contact and when we wanted to schedule interviews. That’s a messy and time-consuming process.

Now, we create one listing and syndicate everywhere we need. We can also quickly review applications at any time to see which ones are the best fit for an interview.

Manage Applicant Details Easily

Forget the spreadsheets and random notes. Applicant tracking systems allow us to keep all applicant details in a single location, including any conversations we’ve had, notes taken and any upcoming events. We can even automatically send out emails to remind applicants about an upcoming interview or any paperwork they need to submit.

Master Interviews

No one really likes doing interviews. They always seem a bit awkward, but applicant tracking systems simplify this part of the hiring process too. First, businesses and applicants are able to sync calendars to quickly see which times work best for both parties. Next, guided interview prompts to make it easier to ask the right questions every time.

Of course, one of our favorite benefits is being able to quickly compare candidates along with a custom job score for each and notes. Instead of having a desk filled with resumes that get shuffled around and lost, comparisons are all on one screen together.

We wouldn’t trade applicant tracking systems for anything. Find out how we can help make hiring much easier with our applicant tracking system partners.