4 Impacts On Your Business Of Endpoint Security

Cybersecurity is a concern for every business, but the right endpoint security solution helps protect devices and data. It’s more critical now than ever to have effective security, especially as more devices are being used to access company data from outside the main network and building.

Effective endpoint security impacts businesses in many ways. We’ve seen it save businesses from major threats due to malware and hackers, even helping to prevent threats from accessing business data on remote devices.

1. Prevention, Not Just Protection

Antivirus and firewall solutions alone often aren’t enough. We see many businesses that still suffer from cyberattacks because of an attached device to the network. Antivirus may block a virus, but it doesn’t block an infected device from compromising the network. Endpoint security sandboxes devices to ensure they’re safe. This adds a layer of not just protection, but prevention to a business’s security strategy. This could help reduce how many ransomware attacks happen annually, which are growing by 350% each year.

2. Reduce Downtime

Any threats avoided mean less downtime. We work with businesses that often see downtime as something unavoidable, but many cases are avoidable. Yes, downtime will happen, but endpoint security reduces how often, at least when it comes to IT security-related threats. Considering businesses can lose upwards of $100,00 per hour of downtime, it’s crucial to do anything possible to reduce total downtime.

3. Secure Access Points

Access points leave businesses vulnerable if they’re not properly protected. A remote laptop could compromise the entire network without proper security. Endpoint security protects the network at all access points, even for devices connecting remotely. This helps prevent attacks from infected remote devices and helps secure remote devices as well.

4. Improved Reputation

We know many businesses may not connect endpoint security with brand reputation, but we’ve seen how hard a cyberattack can hit a business. It’s not just a short term issue. Instead, the business suffers the initial loss. Then, it’s a domino effect. As news breaks, customers lose faith in the business. Even B2B partnerships decline. Attracting top talent becomes more difficult, too.

Reducing downtime and security issues gives businesses a much better reputation of safeguarding data. This can lead to better customer relationships and loyalty.

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