5 Of The Most Popular Services Businesses Outsource

IT outsourcing is becoming more popular as businesses seek to get more from their IT budgets. From getting specialized services for temporary projects to general IT support for small businesses, there are many services businesses outsource regularly.

The benefits range from saving money to being more prepared for a disaster. We work with businesses that use a variety of different services, but we tend to see these five most often.

1. Disaster Recovery

Often times, we have businesses come to use concerning disaster recovery. This is easily one of the top services businesses outsource since it’s so vital. According to a Spiceworks study, 95% of businesses have a disaster recovery plan in place, but 23% never test it.

It’s usually when their plan fails that we’re contacted to help reduce the effects of future disasters. From backups to testing, disaster recovery isn’t something to take lightly which is why it’s often outsourced.

2. IT Security

The IT security landscape is constantly changing, which is why many businesses choose to outsource their security needs to IT security experts. It’s easier to let someone else handle the constant monitoring, updating and testing to ensure networks stay as secure as possible.

3. Tech Support

While some businesses have an in-house IT team, tech support is one of the most popular services businesses outsource. Sometimes, it’s just for certain software or hardware. For some businesses, they outsource all their tech support needs. It’s important to note that tech support covers everything from web hosting to desktop troubleshooting.

4. Infrastructure Management

One of the common services businesses outsource in our experience is infrastructure management. This is especially true when it comes to scaling a business or with small to medium businesses that don’t have an in-house IT department. This covers everything from network performance to compatibility issues. The goal is to create a more efficient infrastructure to help a business run more smoothly.

5. Migrations

While this is often a temporary outsourcing service, we’re tasked with performing complex migrations every day. This is because businesses want to reduce downtime and any risk of data loss. Most often, migrations involve moving to a new system, server or cloud platform. Having experts handle the entire process reduces the chance of any hiccups.

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