The Upside To Hyperconvergence

One of the biggest complaints we hear from businesses is the cost and effort necessary to scale their business. In many cases, we recommend hyperconvergence as a solution.

Unlike standard data centers, a hyperconverged infrastructure reduces complexity and is easier to manage. Of course, there are numerous benefits to this technology.

1. Easy To Scale

Instead of needing to buy more hardware, businesses simply create new nodes. Hyperconvergence uses nodes, which work as virtual servers. This means numerous nodes can run on the same piece of hardware, independent from each other. When it comes time to grow, new nodes are easier to create and much cheaper than buying physical hardware.

2. More Reliable

Since the nodes work independently, businesses also see an increase in reliability. We like to think of it as those holiday lights where if one goes out, the rest of the strand still works. When a single node fails, the rest work as normal. This gives businesses time to replace the problematic node with a recent backup.

3. Cost Effective

We constantly work with businesses that want to lower their IT costs. Hardware often takes up a large chunk of IT budgets. Of course, so does complex systems that are difficult to manage. Obviously, hyperconvergence introduces the option for far less hardware. It also makes the hardware itself more useful, since it’s serving as multiple nodes versus just one.

Of course, we have to point out the cost of renting space in a data center. Instead of paying for more hardware, businesses only pay for the space they use. Rent a single server and store multiple nodes for a more cost-effective solution.

4. Easier To Manage Data

The amount of data generated globally is expected to reach 163 zetabytes by 2025. That’s not a typo. We’re talking about zetabytes of data. Businesses can use much of this data to grow their businesses, but only if they have an effective way to store and manage it. Hyperconvergence makes it easier to store as much data as necessary and manage it all under one administrative umbrella versus individual management solutions per server or data center.

Want to learn more about the benefits of hyperconvergence and how it helps businesses grow? See more about our hyperconvergence solutions.