The Best Email Security Solutions For 2019

Email is currently responsible for spreading 92% of malware. Even worse, one in 50 emails contains some form of malicious content. All it takes is a single email to compromise a business’s entire network.

This is why choosing one of the best email security solutions is crucial to keeping systems safer. By catching malicious content before it reaches inboxes, businesses drastically reduce the chance of a breach via email malware and ransomware.

Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (Office 365)

Advanced anti-malware, anti-spam, and anti-phishing capabilities help set Microsoft’s Exchange Online Protection apart from many other business email security products. While it’s commonly used together with Exchange Online (we personally love an all-in-one solution), it can also be used with on-premises Exchange or other hosted email platforms. EOP offers built-in protection that continually updates to protect from the latest threats, and it’s especially effective when combined with Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection.

SolarWinds Mail Assure

SolarWinds Mail Assure is considered one of the top email security solutions, and for good reason. The cloud-based email security features protect against all forms of threats, even phishing. Collective intelligence is used to prevent attacks via emerging threats, which keeps employees and businesses safer. Currently, Mail Assure uses data collected from over 1.8 million domains.

Avanan Cloud Security Platform

Avanan is designed to work alongside many popular SaaS services, including G Suite and Office 365. We like that it’s not just phishing and malware protection, but also helps prevent data leaks and account takeovers. It offers well-rounded security and customized protection from leading security providers all in a single platform. The simple point-and-click setup makes it well-liked by IT administrators as well.

Hornetsecurity Advanced Threat Protection

Often, email security solutions block threats based on known signatures, but this doesn’t help against the newest threats, which are constantly evolving to prevent detection. Hornetsecurity’s Advanced Threat Protection is one of the top email security solutions for emerging and zero-day threats. Through a sandbox engine and freezing technology, suspicious attachments can be temporarily frozen until updated signatures become available. One of our favorite features is protection against targeted attacks, such as CEO fraud, which is difficult to detect.

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