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Transformed Infrastructure

Bundle your technology resources.

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About HyperConvergence

Infrastructure Virtualization

HyperConvergence allows for the digital transformation of your IT infrastructure through the bundling of your storage, networking, software, and server components. All the major functions of your technology environment are run on the hypervisor as software which boosts the scalability of the environment and reduces overall complexity. Overall, the hyper-converged infrastructure is easier to manage and easier to scale.

HyperConvergence usually has two main components:

Management – all resources in the hyper-converged infrastructure occur in one area.
Distributed Data – data runs across all nodes that deliver virtualization, storage, and networking.

What benefits can you expect from implementing HyperConvergence?

Use the hardware platform of your choosing customized to your business.

Unlimited and fully-configurable nodes.

Faster deployment of new infrastructure elements.

Total end-to-end systems management.