Slack Integration

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See how a Slack integration could help your business.

Slack is a powerful collaboration tool for businesses and individuals. It’s designed to help teams collaborate using messaging, file sharing and more. Team members can easily track project progress, ask questions, share their work and assign tasks. This makes teams more productive and provides a clear overview of progress at any time.

One of the benefits of Slack is how it integrates with other services. It can be integrated into other services or implement one of the many apps that Slack supports. This makes Slack more useful and allows businesses to customize it to their needs.

Communication with your team the way you want

Slack helps to make your business’ internal dialog work for you. Have real time conversations centered around a project organized on a dedicated channel, share information fluidly, and more.

  • Monthly Vulnerability Scans
  • Secure Email Encryption
  • Managed Security (IDS/IPS/SOC/SIEM)
Add Value With Help Desk Services

At its core, Slack is an advanced communications tool. It allows direct and public messaging, audio and video calls and team conversations. All communications are archived and searchable. This means it’s easy to find answers to questions that have already been discussed. Businesses can create numerous teams and projects. It’s also possible to limit access so team members only access the data they’re supposed to.

Slack supports integrations with most all enterprise apps, such as Office 365. Some apps even have integration features already built-in to connect them to Slack in just a few clicks. From customer support to productivity, there’s little a business can’t do with Slack.

If integration features aren’t already available or a business needs a custom solution, Slack offers their API for businesses to develop custom integrations.

If your business needs help with a Slack integration, contact our team today to discuss your options. We can assist with setting up integrations and helping you to manage your Slack implementation.