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Simplify. Save. Protect.


BlueVault™ - Simplify. Save. Protect.

BlueVault® is the intelligent, cloud-based solution that helps simplify your IT operations, save you money and protect your business from cyber-risks.


With BlueVault you get an extensible platform that delivers asset discovery and identification, vulnerability and threat management, and integration with key tools providing a centralized dashboard for efficiently performing important IT processes.

Putting BlueVault to work today will help secure your organization. We have over 150 clients that are using this platform today.


Vulnerability Management

Understanding the current vulnerability state of your systems and taking proactive measures to remediate and address them is key to minimizing the risk of a cyber attack succeeding. There are hundreds of new vulnerabilities being discovered every week and without an automated and systematic approach to managing that volume it is impossible to stay safe and secure. BlueVault’s vulnerability management capabilities automate many of the key tasks required to stay ahead of the cyber criminals.

BlueVault™ - Login Screen
BlueVault™ - Asset Discovery


Asset Discovery

Knowing the devices that are connected to your network is the first line of defense in securing your environment against cyber criminals. Having a comprehensive list enables you to ensure that patches are up to date and to respond more quickly to new vulnerabilities as they are uncovered.


Threat Detection

Effective threat detection requires more that just anti-virus protection. BlueVault integrates and extends the SentinelOne endpoint detection and response capabilities to provide more than just an anti-virus solution. By integrating with the vulnerability management solution in BlueVault you will benefit from a more thorough and protective solution.

BlueVault™ - Threat Detection
BlueVault™ - Centralized Dashboard


Centralized Dashboard

Having access to all the key data in one simple and visual dashboard makes managing and responding to vulnerabilities and threats simpler, less expensive and more effective.

Coming Soon in BlueVault 3.0!

Look for these exciting new capabilities.


Endpoint Monitoring and Alerting

  • Monitor hundreds of important details automatically
  • Get notified and take timely action when issues are found

Patch Management

  • Flexibly schedule important patches to automatically be applied
  • Understand and manage the software in your network

Automation and Scripting

  • Leverage powerful automation tools built into the BlueVault platform
  • Schedule and run simple to complex maintenance scripts automatically

Remote Access Sessions

  • Get help immediately from remote engineers