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IT Provider vs In-House Tech Support: The Cost Saving Solution

Hiring your tech support can be a drag. Forget, for a moment, about all the wide-ranging resumes flooding your inbox and the whiteboard discussions to define your ideal candidate – it can also be a huge pain in your wallet. Thankfully, there’s another option readily available for you via outsourcing with an IT provider. While the sticker shock on a contractor may seem like a lot at first, in reality you might actually save money in the long and short run.

Saves on Benefits

Bringing on a full-time employee is more than just clearing off a space for them in your office. Depending on your state laws and company policy, you’ll also have to pay up on healthcare, dental, and vision benefits. These get costly – fast. By outsourcing your IT Provider, you’ll save yourself cash that could better spent on upgrading your technology. That’s a double win for you and your business.

Saves on Hiring

Even before you get a person in the office, you’ll begin accruing costs. It’s easy to forget that the hiring process is also an expensive one. Placings ads, hiring a recruiter, HR time spent on finding leads and interviewing with high level questioning, etc. There’s also the risk of not finding anybody up to the tasks you have. Especially in the tech sector where your needs may be very specific and require certain specialized skillsets that can be harder to find.

Outsources your Customer Service Issues

Handling customer service issues can take up a huge chunk of your time, which in turn takes up a lot of your funds. Having an outsourced IT provider that can help handle customer facing and internal issues saves you the trouble of dropping whatever you’re doing to solve another issue. You can’t work without having help on hand – but having a qualified expert on call makes your job that much easier.

Ready to save some money and get to work right away? ISOutsource has qualified IT professionals eager to help you get your technology up to speed and keep your businesses support tickets moving quickly. Give us a call today.