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Enhance Your Nonprofit’s Mission with Managed IT Solutions

IT stands as a cornerstone department in almost any organization. Be it fundraising, marketing, strategic planning, or any other business process in a nonprofit, all grind to a halt if the IT team faces any hiccups. This poses a significant challenge for organizations grappling to upkeep their IT infrastructure and continue their operations, rendering nonprofits notably susceptible.

Nonprofit organizations, constrained by budgets and stringent regulations, frequently struggle to sustain a fully operational IT department. Their employees are frequently overburdened, their resources insufficient for other departments to flourish. This is where an IT managed service provider (MSP) can offer invaluable assistance.

In this article, we’ll look at the main IT services that MSPs can provide for nonprofits. We will begin by exploring the broad range of services provided to both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Following that, we will focus on the unique advantages offered specifically to nonprofits. Lastly, we will demonstrate how ISOutsource can provide assistance.

What Services Do IT Managed Service Providers Offer?

For any organization, whether for-profit or nonprofit, establishing an IT infrastructure is vital to thrive in today’s tech-centric landscape. While some entities can afford to create and sustain their own setup, it demands a significant investment of time, labor, and funds — resources that nonprofits often find in short supply.

Enter IT managed service providers. Defined by Gartner as third-party businesses that “deliver services, such as network, application, infrastructure and security, via ongoing and regular support and active administration on customers’ premises, in their MSP’s data center (hosting), or in a third-party data center,” IT MSPs handle an organization’s tech operations, freeing it up to focus on what it does best. Some examples of services that IT MSPs offer their clients are:

  • Maintaining a company’s network to keep web traffic flowing smoothly
  • Bolstering their cybersecurity posture to minimize their attack surface
  • Structuring their data management workflows so that their data assets are both secure and accessible
  • Hosting and maintaining all of the necessary hardware, either in their own data center or in a third party’s — or even on the client’s premises
  • Providing continuous support so that operations experience minimal downtime

From providing tech support to enhancing data security to helping meet compliance requirements, the purpose of all the services that an IT MSP provides is the same: to strengthen an organization’s business continuity and facilitate its disaster recovery process — especially for those on a limited budget.

4 Ways That IT Managed Service Providers Can Support Nonprofit Organizations

IT MSPs offer value to both for-profit and nonprofit organizations, but the ways that they add that value can vary greatly. Large for-profit corporations might handle the bulk of their IT operations on-site, seeking guidance from an MSP primarily for risk reduction and implementing top-tier IT practices. Nonprofit organizations often face tighter budgetary constraints and stricter compliance requirements, so they may depend on an IT MSP not only to maintain business continuity but also to keep all of their tech-driven systems operational.

In general, IT MSPs benefit nonprofits by delivering stronger security, smarter strategies, and greater savings. Here’s how.

  1. Better Use of Resources
    By supplying their clients with the most up-to-date technology and processes, MSPs make the leading IT resources accessible to organizations that would otherwise find them off limits. This is a key benefit that any MSP provides, and the constraints that nonprofits face make this advantage essential.

    For instance, a typical for-profit organization is tasked with managing its hardware, establishing cybersecurity protocols, and recruiting skilled personnel to support its IT infrastructure. While feasible for some enterprises, this upkeep is a significant undertaking even for them. This is why they turn to IT Managed Service Providers (MSPs). The challenges are further exacerbated for nonprofits, given the financial constraints, talent acquisition hurdles, and stringent regulations that complicate the in-house management of their IT operations.

    When nonprofit organizations leverage MSPs for their IT operations, they can offload this resource-heavy burden to specialists who are better equipped for the task. That allows them to experience more cost savings and free their resources up to focus on their purpose.

  2. Stronger Donor and Data Protection
    Nonprofit organizations rely on the generosity of donors for funding, so it’s essential that their information remains secure. Nonprofit organizations face increased vulnerability when managing their IT infrastructure with limited resources. In doing so, they may overlook critical vulnerabilities, putting at risk sensitive donor information and other valuable data.

    IT MSPs possess the right tools and training to secure a nonprofit’s digital assets. They can use this expertise to identify and remediate any vulnerabilities within their clients’ IT infrastructure , keeping their data secure. The added layer of protection offers the extra benefit of enhancing donor trust, inclining them to be all the more committed to the cause.

  3. Better Support
    Nonprofit organizations focus on advancing their mission, leaving little capacity for managing IT tasks. IT MSP delivers ongoing IT assistance, enabling clients to reach their objectives with minimal disruptions.

    One nonprofit, the College Success Foundation (CSF), found that its own IT constraints were hindering its capacity to offer customer support and to assist with crucial projects and ongoing maintenance. This led to more operational downtime, hindering the ability to equip socioeconomically disadvantaged students with the necessary tools for academic achievement.

    We were honored to assist CSF in overcoming its IT challenges. Our team created an IT help desk consisting of our own professionals to offer 24/7 customer support, resolving CSF’s technical issues more smoothly than before. The result was a clearer path forward, as well as a support team that can help the organization achieve its vision of greater academic equity for all — a “night and day” improvement, according to CSF Vice President of Operations Rosemary Turner.

  4. Clearer Vision
    Another benefit that IT MSPs offer lies in consultation and planning. By making their expertise available to organizations that have other specialties, IT MSPs can help nonprofits prioritize their technological needs and strategize on how to meet them.

    That’s what we did for FareStart, a Seattle-based nonprofit dedicated to building life skills and job skills in its community through food. Not only did our virtual chief information officer (vCIO) help FareStart identify its low-, medium-, and high-priority technology goals, but they also gave the organization a road map for continued success.

    Our team created a system that allowed employees to work remotely while keeping frontline workers on-site at the height of the pandemic . From mapping out a blueprint for success to implementing the practical action steps needed to get there, IT MSPs help nonprofit organizations find their vision and achieve their goals.

ISOutsource: Your IT Managed Service +Provider

Nonprofit organizations encounter similar IT demands as large enterprises and small to midsize businesses, but their mission requires delicate handling. Variations in revenue, resource constraints, and stringent compliance needs necessitate seeking external IT support, with managed service providers frequently being the solution.

At ISOutsource, we offer IT support and consulting services to organizations of all sizes — including nonprofits. Our services range from cybersecurity, cloud services, and migration to mobile device management, backup, and recovery. We also offer strategic solutions such as assessments and audits across different verticals, including the nonprofit space.

With a wealth of expertise, our team excels in delivering IT services tailored for nonprofits. We grasp the distinct requirements and financial limitations that these organizations face, ensuring optimal solutions for their tech needs. We’ve worked with many to help them reach their vision for the greater good, so check out our services today to see if we can do the same for you.