Case Study

Evolving EvolvedMD’s IT Infrastructure


Conceptualized in 2015 and launched in 2017, EvolvedMD was formed as a byproduct of a family challenge experienced by one of its founders. Originally created as a primary care medication management program, EvolvedMD transformed into a complete behavioral health solution as the high prevalence of conditions like depression among patients came to light. Even though over 80% of the program’s chronically ill patients screened positive for depression, none of them had access to crucial resources.

Change was needed. Traditional silos stood in the way of true patient wellness. EvolvedMD radically reimagined the traditional behavioral health model and pivoted to integrate it into primary care. Patients and providers welcomed the innovative approach. Initially introduced in 2017 to support the behavioral health needs of eight primary care providers (PCPs) across three sites, EvolvedMD continues to expand and now provides upfront and ongoing modern care for over 400 primary care providers across 70+ sites with the ability to grow and scale exponentially. Till date, they have served over 15,000 patients and increased access to care to 730,000.

The Story

In late 2021 Jenn Briones, Director of Operations at EvolvedMD, had to step in and help with their IT support. Having no experience with IT, she dug in and found that their CEO’s laptop had not even been backed up in the last 18 months! When she reached out to their Managed Service Provider for support, she never got a response and she continued to dig into the health of EvolvedMD’s IT infrastructure. She found that over half of their employees also had not had their laptops/data backed up over the same period. With rapid growth plans in 2022 for EvovledMD and Jenn spending about 10 hours a week on IT with a staff of 25, she knew she needed to look for a new Managed Service Provider in Phoenix.

In early 2022, ISOutsource was selected to be EvolvedMD’s Managed Service Provider in Phoenix. In addition to ISOutsource having nearly 100 employees to support their rapid growth,

Jenn said, “Juliette at ISOutsource was highly responsive and always had answers to all of my questions quickly, and that is what cemented our decision to work with ISOutsource.”

EvolvedMD is now up to 94 employees and Jenn has her 10 hours a day back to focus on Operations instead of moonlighting as an IT professional.

The Result

Together ISOutsource and EvolvedMD are ensuring future growth is sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective. ISOutsource helps Jenn and her team strategically align their IT initiatives with their business goals, in addition to supporting all reactive needs the EvolvedMD team has daily.

Jenn shared, “Most recently Brian from ISOutsource was able to solve a print server issue that was distracting me and at least 5 of my teammates every day! Brian was able to solve the issue in one day. He is a true asset to our partnership and am glad to have him on the team.”


EvolvedMD is projected to have 200 employees by the end of 2023 and ISOutsource will be the partner that helps them with inventory management, efficient onboardings, and compliance policies. With Jenn gaining her 10 hours back each week she can focus on other efficiencies and take a strategic approach to their IT. There will be a continued focus on aligning business goals with IT initiatives as EvolvedMD continues to grow. ISOutsource is delighted to be their Managed Service Provider in Phoenix for strategic planning, proactive maintenance, and reactive support.