Case Study

Saving and Strategizing For Allstar Glass Company


For over 16 years, Allstar Glass Company has been serving businesses all over the Pacific Northwest. They have a dynamic leadership team that strives to develop the best solutions for their customers every day. Working primarily with commercial and residential contractors, their specialty is delivering the highest quality material and workmanship.

Commercially, Allstar Glass fabricates and installs all aspects of architectural aluminum windows, storefronts, slope glazing, curtain walls, and entrance doors. For their residential contractors, Allstar helps design and install customer shower enclosures, mirrors, or glass deck railing.

The Story

In 2017 Allstar Glass Company started growing and Dan Martinez, President of Allstar, was doing all things IT. He was setting up computers, and managing hardware, software, audiovisual, and security. With their growth and success, they knew it was time to build a dedicated IT team. They were choosing between hiring an internal IT staff member or outsourcing their IT. This is when they had to make the best financial decision possible, while not putting their company at risk. The cost of lost opportunity for their President was the main driver, along with the fact that they are glass & glazing experts, not IT experts. They evaluated all options and ultimately chose ISOutsource as their trusted IT advisor and expert.

The Result

By choosing ISOutsource as their IT advisor they were able to save over $75,000 per year and have a team of over 100 technical resources to support them instead of a single internal IT staff member who ultimately would also be a single point of failure.

Dan Martinez, their President stated: “A single point of failure was too great of a risk for us. Additionally, it would cost us nearly $100,000 annually to hire an internal IT staff member. This was not an option for us. ISOutsource provides us the peace of mind that we are protected from cybercrime. We have been the target of cybercriminals over the past couple of years and with ISOutsource as our partner we have not had any breaches or compromises.”

ISOutsource was able to create policies and procedures that ensure all Allstar’s data is backed up and protected. Also, we are helping Allstar set up their employees with the capabilities to work remotely, including installing new firewalls to protect the company’s assets and information. Jodi goes on to say: “We have worked with ISOutsource enough that we know them and trust them, they are in our sphere!”

The Future

Continuing to work with ISOutsource, Allstar will save over 50% on what they would spend to hire their own internal IT staff. ISOutsource and Allstar are working together to ensure their 2023 business goals are aligned with their IT strategy and budget. ISOutsource provides the highest level of protection and keeps Allstar on the cutting edge of technology and security.