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5 Questions To Ask Your IT Provider

As we’ve covered again and again on this blog, an IT Provider can help quell your tech burdens. But even still, you’ll want to make sure you’re asking the right questions. It helps not just so you know the breadth of their work, but also to help them better understand your business’ priorities. These give questions will make sure you both get off to the right start and ensure that your needs are being met.

How Do You Bill My Company?

Money is always the awkward question that no one wants to bring up. However, it’s a necessary conversation to have. Get firm information on how billing works. You don’t want to get stuck footing a bill you didn’t expect or miss a payment. Do away with the expensive elephant in the room and talk about this right away. Your IT Provider will appreciate the forwardness and will be happy to outline all the costs involved.

What Do I Do In An Emergency?

Accidents happen. No matter how well you’ve guarded your system, there’s still a chance that you’ll find yourself in an emergency situation. You might not have an emergency preparedness plan, but your IT provider should. Make sure you discuss with them their plan in those disaster situations so you know what role you both will play when the unthinkable happens.

How Can You Help Me Upgrade My System?

If you’re bringing in a pro, you’ll want pro results. That’s why you’ll want to ensure that you’re getting upgrades that matter for your business. Talk through all the details on how they can get you up to speed on the cloud, process automation, and other business critical processes you use day-to-day.

How Do You Backup My Data?

As a business in 2016, your data is one of your most valuable assets. It’s the backbone of many companies. Not just that, you also have customer data to worry about. Physical backup drives were the industry standard for years, but they come with their own risks. They’re easy to misplace and are susceptible to physical damage. Chat with your IT Provider about cloud solutions that not only will ensure your data is safe, but also makes it so you can access vital information no matter where you are.

How Do You Make My Computer System More Secure?

Protecting your data isn’t just about backing up, it’s about keeping it out of the wrong hands. Your business needs proper cybersecurity in this modern age. Just like you’d put a lock on your front door, you need to put a lock on your network. This needs to be one of your top priorities when you talk with your IT Provider. It could be measures as small as implementing a password manager or maybe you need a custom cyber security solution. Find out what services they can offer you and how expansive their coverage is.

Now that you have the questions, it’s time to get some answers. ISOutsource is made up of IT professionals who understand the needs of modern businesses. Check out our full list of services and give us a call. We’d be happy to answer all the questions we’ve posed here and get your company secure and up-to-speed ASAP.