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What is an IT Strategy & Why Do You Need One?

Before you invest in loads of expensive new tech, you’ll want to have a proper IT strategy. That sounds obvious, right? But what does that actually mean? By breaking down the individual facets of a comprehensive IT strategy, it becomes easier to plan for your company. Consider these factors before you make your next big tech move.

Managing Technology

It’s tempting to try and embrace every new technology, but you can easily find yourself in an embarrassment of riches. Before you even start buying services, you need to create a plan on how you’ll be using it. This seems obvious, but it takes more planning than you might think. Ready to jump into the cloud? Great! But do you know how your employees will interact with it? Do you have a point person on your staff that can help manage it? Outsourcing an IT specialist can help you overcome these hurdles and help you best define how you’ll use solutions in your day-to-day work and leave you with a sense of security that you have everything in its right place.

Examining Costs

Even if you want to get the best tech on the market, you might not have all the funds to do it. This becomes a prioritization issue. First, you need to define your budget. Knowing how much you can spend directly informs how you select what solutions are feasible for you. You might not be able to do everything you want right now, but you can get started with at least a few different pieces. You’ll also have to factor in the cost of investing in proper training. Having a brand new Corvette is pointless if you don’t have a license. This is another time where it’s best to ask a pro. Not only will they guide you through what you need most, they’ll also help you find the most cost effective solution for your budget.

Discussing Risks

What will the transition look like for your team? If you’re upgrading from an older version of a software, will this impair your old files in any way? How much downtime are you going to have to take to implement new technology? Will this affect my clients in anyway? These are just a small sampling of the questions you need to be asking about the risks you’ll take when upgrading. You can minimize a lot of these fears just by having proper tech support. They’ll help you speed through downtime and get you back to work.

Now you might have a better idea of why you need a strategy, but unsure if you’re equipped to take the next steps. Worry not; we’re here to help. Our project support services are available to help you get from point a to point b with minimal hassle. Give us a call today.