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It must be nice, being able to have a budget dedicated toward building out the core teams of your business. For many small businesses, this is a luxury they simply can’t afford. It’s a hard place to get stuck in. You want to make that next leap up in the food chain, but your funds just won’t allow it. That’s why outsourcing is often perceived as being a luxury for enterprise companies.

Let us indulge our inner Morpheus for a second: what if I told you that outsourcing actually is a viable and smart strategy for small businesses? This is especially true for your IT team and support. It may seem contrary to what you’ve previously heard, but outsourcing can be key to taking that next step in your business. Here’s how.

Outsourcing Reduces Costs

Let’s get the money out of the way first. Outsourcing goes well beyond that old adage of “you gotta spend money to make money.” In fact, it’s really about spending less money. When you’re working on a small budget and trying to build your business, you’re often looking for ways to cut back costs without sacrificing your long term goals. Along the way, you’ll also find that one of your biggest costs is hiring your staff – especially full-time employees with benefits. Outsourcing is an effective way to bring in the manpower you need to get work done without worrying about draining the payroll account.

This can either mean fully outsourcing your IT team or maybe you have a small team that needs some additional support. Especially with IT, you can find yourself needing all the help you can get to keep up with the increasing demands of ecommerce, maintaining apps and your website, etc. An outsourced employee or team can help keep these functions moving forward.

Scale for Your Needs

But you also might not always need that much support. Say you hit a busy season so you hired on another full-time employee. What happens when things slow back down again? Will you be able to afford keeping that person on? That gets messy really fast. With outsourcing, you have the luxury of living in the moment. While we’ll always advocate for utilizing outsourcing to strategize for the long term, we also know that there’s just times where you won’t need as much support and don’t want to pay for it. Outsourcing makes this easy, clean, and with a whole lot less awkwardness.

Expertise You Need

Trying to become an IT expert overnight isn’t going to happen. There’s a steep learning curve, even for the most savvy of business owners. And even if you have an IT department, there may be blind spots in their own training that they’re not equipped to handle. Rather than try to wing it and hope for the best, bringing in an expert will ensure you get exactly the support you need. An outsourced IT expert will be able to point you toward tech to grow your business, offer critical advice for maximizing your practices, and gear your efforts toward ROI and efficiency.

Small businesses think can’t have it all due to their size and scale, but with outsourcing you can. ISOutsource is happy to support you as your build your business and fill in those gaps that you need. You’ll save money in the long run and prime yourself for success. Give us a call today.

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