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When Foosball and Free Soda Aren’t Enough

Confession time: Two years ago at ISOutsource we were struggling to capture top talent.

How could that be? ISOutsource is a great place to work. We offer competitive salaries and ample opportunity to grow in knowledge and experience. The problem was that the unemployment rate was (and still is) very near zero for people with advanced technology skills. Amazon, Boeing, Costco, Google, Microsoft, Expedia, and Facebook were locking up practically every available candidate in the geographic regions in which we operate. Seemingly every time we offered a job to a talented network administrator or network architect, he or she had already accepted employment for a corporate giant down the street.

What could we do?

We can’t beat Fortune 500 companies in a competition of quirky perks. Sleeping pods are prohibitively expensive for a small business. Foosball tables and casual Fridays only go so far to persuade top candidates. Bring your pets to work policies come with their own set of challenges.

So rather than “out-perk” the big guys, we decided to outperform them.

ISOutsource’s strengths are that we have technical expertise and we are more agile than the corporate behemoths that were trying to woo the same talent.

We made a concerted effort to leverage technology to achieve a level of operational efficiency that the big guys couldn’t match. We’re not bigger than our Fortune 500 neighbors, but we can be smarter and faster.

With a bit of clever thinking, evaluation, and implementation of commercially available software products, we were able to reduce the time of our hiring process from weeks to days. We have also implemented HR Information Systems that (with less effort on our part) help us maintain compliance while offering a more satisfying experience for employees.

The end result: We’re winning! We are signing top talent to our team before the other major players in the region are able to extend an offer. We’re retaining staff members at rates that double standards in our industry.

Would you like to reduce hiring time? Capture top talent? Enhance employee satisfaction? Here are some tips to increase our operational-efficiency of HR processes:
• Identify Tasks, Phases and Milestones in the Hiring, On-Boarding, and Other HR Processes
• Identify Roles and Responsibilities
• Define Effective/Ideal Workflow
• Consider Ways in Which Technology Can Automate, Optimize, Track, and Expedite the Process
• Identify Technology Products and Tools that Facilitate Optimized Workflow
Contact ISOutsource for a consultation! We’re technology experts. We’ll guide you along the path to make best use of technology to optimize HR processes.


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