The Economic Gains Of Enterprise IT

Enterprise ITLarge businesses often seem to have an advantage of small and medium-sized businesses due to finances. Another area where they have a competitive edge is enterprise IT.

We realize every business can’t afford the same level of technology as major enterprises, but it’s more about using more efficient technology and getting the right support. In our experience, the economic gains are limitless along with a business’s growth potential when using an enterprise approach to IT.

Struggling With IT Costs

Costs are usually one of the biggest hindrances for small to medium businesses. Yes, enterprise IT costs are high, but the same tools are available just on a smaller scale. For instance, enterprises pay more for cloud applications due to the amount of data used, but smaller businesses have access to the same tools at lower prices since they don’t need as much data storage or computing power.

According to Gartner, global IT spending is expected to increase by 6.2% to $3.7 trillion in 2018. However, picking the right solutions doesn’t mean spending more. It’s about spending smarter. The increase is mainly due to more businesses investing in newer technologies to retain a competitive edge.

Incorporating Enterprise IT Solutions

Obviously, we know smaller businesses can’t afford to invest in full enterprise IT solutions. Businesses of all sizes need to take an enterprise view on IT, which means investing in technology that offers the best business value¬†over just the cheapest or the shiniest new options.

What does this mean? Small businesses might choose cloud-based business intelligence and ERP solutions versus hosting everything on-premises. Combining solutions into single products also saves money and creates a more efficient enterprise IT setup.

Competing On An Enterprise Level

Every client we work with wants to be more competitive, especially against their larger counterparts. Investing in hardware and software that helps make a business more efficient is one of the first steps towards competing against major enterprises.

Along with that, businesses also need dedicated IT support. Enterprises have their own IT teams, but small businesses don’t. Outsourcing support with a company that supports the entire IT architecture helps give businesses that competitive edge, no matter how big or small they are.

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