Private Cloud Solutions – Office 365

Private Cloud Solutions - Office 365Private cloud solutions give businesses all the benefits of cloud services while improving security and scalability. A great start is transitioning to Office 365.

We enjoy the familiarity it offers, making the transition for employees easier, while still providing remote access for improved efficiency. The main benefits fall under four key pillars.

1. Remote Access And Management

Most businesses would love to keep all their employees in the office, but that’s not how the modern workplace is designed anymore. There’s a good reason for that too. Not only do employees have to travel to meetings, but they also work from home. Studies have shown that remote workers are as much as 35% more productive. Remote workers also save businesses thousands every year.

Office 365 offers remote access so employees are able to do all the same tasks wherever they are that they’d do in the office. IT admins can rest easy knowing remote management tools allow them to control access and security remotely as well.

2. Increased Security And Compliance

Cloud security is a common concern and one we understand well. However, businesses shouldn’t fear cloud security, especially services from reputable providers. The key is to look for providers who provide security features that meet and exceed a businesses expectations and compliance guidelines.

We know there are some shady providers out there, but overall, most put security first. Office 365 not only offers data security features, but provides security tools to lock down data and access. This allows businesses to ensure the private cloud solutions they’re using through Microsoft stay compliant with their industry’s regulations.

3. Reliable Service Guaranteed

Many businesses still avoid public and private cloud solutions due to a fear of downtime. However, downtime is a risk no matter if a business uses cloud services or a completely in-house solution. We’ve experienced downtime ourselves, even with all the precautions we take with our IT infrastructure.

Thanks to Office 365’s uptime guarantee, this isn’t much of a concern. Businesses get a 99% uptime guarantee and if that doesn’t happen, the business is reimbursed. Microsoft doesn’t want to lose money, so it’s rare for downtime to occur as a result of a problem on their end.

4. Increased Adoption Rate

As businesses transition to private cloud solutions, we often hear about one major problem – low adoption rates. People don’t like change, but that doesn’t mean they can’t change. We’ve found it easier ourselves to transition to solutions that are still familiar, but offer the company more benefits.

Office 365 provides all the familiar Microsoft Office tools with some extra features and benefits built-in. This leads to faster and higher adoption rates for overall increased productivity and efficiency.

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