The Number 1 Issue Companies Face With Cloud Computing

We are always happy to recommend the best cloud computing solutions to help businesses be more efficient. However, no matter what services a business uses, there is still one major issue they face.

Cloud computing security is an issue that still plagues businesses and consumers. Even we’re not immune from them,¬†though we do take steps to drastically reduce any security risks.

Threats In Various Forms

One of the biggest problems with cloud security is trying to prepare for a large variety of cyber threats, such as ransomware and data breaches. We’ve seen numerous security breaches and the one thing businesses can count on is security threats continuing to evolve and become more sophisticated.

Securing Multiple Providers

In the vast majority of businesses, multiple cloud computing providers are necessary. For instance, we might use one service strictly for data backups and storage, but another for hosting a specific suite of apps. With more businesses using multiple providers, security becomes an even bigger issue.

Not only do businesses have to focus on security settings with one provider, but they also have to deal with ensuring security meshes across the board. Plus, the more networks a business works with, the larger the potential risks.

Securing Remote Access

One of the top benefits of using the cloud is having remote access. For us, it’s the ideal way to work with clients at their offices while still being able to easily access our files and generate important reports. Many businesses have employees that work off-site as well.

While this is convenient, it simply adds to the cloud computing security issues. Instead of IT being able to lock down devices on-site, they’re faced with trying to ensure all mobile devices, laptops and off-site desktops don’t compromise data and apps on the cloud. If security isn’t set correctly, all it would take is a mobile phone being used on public Wi-Fi to pose a major security threat to a business.


Despite all the benefits, security still remains the top issue with cloud computing. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help make the cloud more secure for you.