Why Your Firm Needs a Strong Password Manager


For businesses in today’s tech-driven world, your password is everything. They’re like the keys to the office, keeping the bad people out and the good people in. But just like with an office security system, you’ll want to take extra precautions to make sure you’re protected.

Password managers are the first line of defense in protecting your company’s valuable information. They go beyond just having a lengthy passwords with lots of symbols and numbers. They integrate with your browsers to keep your information safe. Here are just a few reasons why you should make the switch to a password manager today.

Stop Using the Same Password for Everything

Businesses are all for uniformity and streamlining processes, but your password is one thing that shouldn’t adhere to this principle. At least not in the conventional thinking. Using one password for all your accounts may seem easier than creating new ones for every platform you use, but it puts you at a massive security risk. All you need is a hacker to figure out that single password and you’re through. Or even easier, an embittered former employee can easily take the password and wreck havoc. These aren’t scenarios anyone wants to picture themselves in, but they do happen.

With a password manager, you can have multiple passwords and not have to worry about memorizing all of them. Not only does this keep your accounts more secure, but it’ll save you time from logging in and out all the time.

Superior to Browser Password Managers

You may be thinking, “Well, Chrome and Firefox just save my passwords for me. Why would I need a password manager?” These are good first steps, but are not comprehensive enough to guarantee your security. Oftentimes browsers will leave your passwords un-encrypted. This means that someone with rudimentary understanding of these browsers can open your computer and view the passwords – no black hat required. A password manager will take care of this for you and keep your passwords unviewable to others.

Defends You Against Phishing Scams

Phishing scams are one of the easiest ways to have your account information stolen. How do you protect yourself from this? Well, it’s harder for a scammer to steal your password if you don’t know it yourself. Password managers like Last Pass generate anonymous passwords for you and save them into their program, creating an ultra-secure system that protects you from yourself.

Ready to make the leap? ISOutsource can help. Our essential support services will assess where your password security is at and which password manager is right for you and your company. Don’t wait until your password is compromised – make the change now.