Don’t Give Hackers The Opportunity

Cybersecurity should be a top priority for every business, but we also know that IT budgets often lead to compromises.

The problem is hackers constantly look for any vulnerability. We’ve all seen businesses ruined from a cybersecurity attack that could have been prevented.

Cybersecurity Statistics

Some experts believe the cost of cybercrime attacks will cost $6 trillion annually by 2021. In 2016 alone, ransomware attacks earned hackers $1 billion. These numbers alone are proof that hackers aren’t about to give up on their nefarious activities anytime soon. It’s too profitable. This means businesses must take cybersecurity seriously or potentially become hackers’ next target.

Outsourcing IT Security

We understand that IT security is a full-time job, but many businesses don’t have the budget to focus on security the way they need to. This is where outsourcing provides the best of both worlds. Businesses get the benefits of cybersecurity experts without paying for full-time staff. This leaves hackers out in the cold versus opening up opportunities for them to get in.

Blocking Hackers

The best defense is to always start with the basics in security. We start by:

  • Ensuring all systems are up-to-date. Many hacks occur due to operating systems and apps not being updated to the latest secure release.
  • Implementing custom anti-virus, anti-malware and firewall solutions. This includes both software and hardware security options.
  • Scanning for vulnerabilities. Vulnerability scanning tests a business’s entire system, including security policies, to uncover potential problems.
  • Attempting hacks. Penetration testing allows us to test systems to ensure vulnerabilities are patched and aren’t inviting hackers in.

Continuing Security

We cannot stress enough that security doesn’t stop after a business’s systems are secure. It takes consistent maintenance to keep hackers away. For instance, we’ve encountered vulnerabilities in clients’ systems where mobile device access wasn’t secured. Implementing new policies, hardware and apps all leave the door open for hackers. This is why it’s vital to have a security partner on-hand to ensure hackers never get the opportunity.

Does your business need help with IT security? Contact us today to learn more about our security services and how we keep hackers at bay.