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Case Study

Helping IAM District 142 Improve Their IT Infrastructure


Air Transport District 142 is a District Lodge of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW), Air Transport Territory, located in Phoenix, Arizona. They currently serve over 37,000 active and retired members at 42 local lodges across the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

Their members work in the aviation industry for airlines, airport service companies, and the defense sector of Service Contract Act (SCA) workers. Their members work as customer service representatives, reservation agents, flight attendants, ramp and air cargo agents, aircraft maintenance technicians and trainers, ground equipment mechanics, fuelers, general aviation maintenance technicians, Customs and Border Protection agents, and more.

They negotiate industry-leading collective bargaining agreements between their membership and employers. Their work continues after contracts are signed. They provide “Justice on the Job” and “Service in the Community” with hands-on support for all their members to ensure their employers honor contractual language and provide a safe environment and workplace. They continuously work to promote safety, a livable wage, and industry-leading, affordable health care by exercising their voice at the negotiating table, and they will always fight for equality and human rights.

The Story

In late 2022 Joe Shultz, the Secretary-Treasurer, and John Coveny, the President/Directing General Chair for District 142, walked into ISOutsource’s office in Phoenix and asked, “What do you do?” and that is how this partnership began. District 142 needed a server to be moved from their old office in Kansas City to their new office in Phoenix. Initially, District 142 wanted to have ISOutsource’s help with this one-time server project.

District 142’s IT provider in Kansas City had not communicated the lead time on new servers. There was no communication on the risks of shipping a server across the country and the high damage rate that happens to hardware, especially servers, when shipped. Ultimately, the server was damaged in the move from Kansas City to Phoenix.

Before the move, ISOutsource stepped in and developed a plan that ensured business continuity and de-risked the physical move. ISOutsource was able to migrate District 142’s data to the cloud when the server was in transit, which ensured that District 142 could conduct business as usual. Prior to shipping the server to Phoenix, ISOutsource took backups and confirmed there was a copy of the data. The server was damaged, and had District 142 not had their data in the cloud and backed up, they would have lost their ability to operate. ISOutsource helped save labor costs for District 142 and ensured that their business needs were considered. The physical server has since been decommissioned.

The Result

District 142 has a brand-new cloud-based Azure server operating efficiently, thanks to ISOutsource. After the successful one-time server project, ISOutsource now provides Managed IT services to District 142. Additionally, ISOutsource provides strategic IT planning, daily monitoring of all endpoints and hardware, and monthly updates & patching to District 142’s IT infrastructure. Joe Shultz says, “We are very pleased with ISOutsource and all they do for us. The level of service we receive from them is orders of magnitude ahead of what we received from our previous vendor. Brian and his team are great partners!”

ISOutsource has replaced deprecated IT infrastructure for District 142 and continues to find incremental improvements that stay ahead of technology trends. Additionally, there has been an increase in the security of the IT environment, including EDR, which leverages AI and MDR that provides around-the-clock monitoring. Ultimately, the result is a trusted partnership where District 142 knows they can count on ISOutsource for all their proactive and reactive IT support needs as a Managed IT client.

“We are very pleased with ISOutsource and all they do for us. The level of service we receive from them is orders of magnitude ahead of what we received from our previous vendor. Brian and his team are great partners!”

Joe Schultz

Secretary - Treasurer, IAMAW - Air Transport District 142

The Future

ISOutsource will work to align all IT initiatives with the overall organization initiatives at District 142 to ensure that their IT arm will continue to run seamlessly. Together they have created an IT roadmap that further transforms the way District 142 does business. District 142 now has alternative solutions that allow them to operate more efficiently and sustainably. In addition to creating business efficiency and redundancy, they are also hardening their security posture to ensure their members and data are protected by current security standards.