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Case Study

Bodypoint’s Success Story: How Outsourced IT Helped Them Grow Their Business


Bodypoint has been manufacturing wheelchair positioning equipment for over 30 years. They offer solutions from shoulders to feet, creating postural supports of all sizes to fit pediatric and adult users. Bodypoint headquarters is in Seattle, WA, and you can find their products in more than 40 countries worldwide. They have helped millions of wheelchair users move through the world more efficiently, whether competing for a gold medal in the para-Olympics or eating a slice of pizza; Bodypoint is positively impacting their community and the world. Bodypoint currently has about 40 employees that help create these wonderful products.

David Hintzman, Bodypoint Co-Founder, says, “At Bodypoint, we work daily to understand better the capabilities and aspirations of people who use wheelchairs. As we imagine, design, and manufacture our products, we strive to bridge the gap between the hard and the soft, the inanimate and the living, to create a better connection between wheelchairs and people.”

The Story

Since 2005, Bodypoint and ISOutsource have been completing technical projects together. Initially, the relationship was focused solely on leveraging ISOutsource’s breadth and depth of technology resources to complete different projects, including server replacements, firewall configurations, and various software implementations that Bodypoint required.

Over the years, Bodypoint realized that having one internal resource was costly and they could get a greater return on investment by partnering with ISOutsource to manage its entire IT infrastructure. Rather than paying a System Administrator $100,000 a year, Bodypoint could leverage that $100,000 to gain access to many resources with a vast range of technical skill sets. In 2018, Bodypoint chose to outsource their IT department to ISOutsource entirely and have been enjoying access to (now) 80+ technical resources, including access to Help Desk support, Consulting, Engineering, Sr. Engineering, Solution Architects, vCIO, and vCISO resources.

The Result

Over the past 18 months, ISOutsource has been able to help Bodypoint complete many projects. These projects include deploying new manufacturing software, implementing a new CRM and an ERP system, switching phones to VOIP, and ensuring that Bodypoint had fiber internet flowing to their facility.

Ed Hanrahan, the VP of Operations, said, “One IT person could not execute all the initiatives as quickly as we can with ISOutsource. Their depth and breadth are unmatched.” He adds, “If you like to move fast and complete projects on time, on budget, ISOutsource is your solution.” Beyond the projects that have been completed, ISOutsource is also fully managing Bodypoint’s IT infrastructure to ensure that Bodypoint is secure and running optimally and efficiently.

Bodypoint was having challenges with employees working remotely and contacted Martin from ISOutsource for support. Martin was able to help Bodypoint implement Microsoft O365, which allowed easy access to company information and reduced the number of virtual servers from 4 to 2, ultimately providing 50% savings for Bodypoint when it comes time to upgrade those virtual machines.

“If you like to move fast and complete projects on time, on budget, ISOutsource is your solution. I rate ISOutsource high, specifically Martin, and we plan to continue this relationship for years to come.”

Ed Hanrahan

VP Operations, Bodypoint, Inc

The Future

Ed says, “I rate ISOutsource high, specifically Martin, and we plan to continue this relationship for years to come.” As a Managed IT Client with ISOutsource, Bodypoint can focus on manufacturing new products to serve its clients without worrying about their IT infrastructure or network.

ISOutsource will continue to provide cybersecurity initiatives and align IT projects, support, and budget with the overall business needs to ensure the right level of security is implemented and that Bodypoint can stay on track and budget with all technology initiatives.