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(IT) is essential for a functioning business in the modern era. But it can also be overwhelming and confusing for those who haven’t steeped themselves in understanding the interconnectivity between all your devices and systems. It’s why we’ve urged small business in the past to outsource their IT. But there are multiple different types and approaches to IT to consider. Even if you have an on-site IT team, an independent IT consultant can help build out your business and help you achieve better results and efficiencies with your business.

Strategic IT

Strategic IT is the use of information technology to play a crucial role in an organization's business plan by boosting efficiency, making new opportunities, and connecting with customers. Sometimes these opportunities are hidden in plain site, other times they need to be unearthed or even intentionally carved out from your current structure.

When you’re constantly running to keep things afloat and running on time, it can be hard to take a breath and rethink your strategy. That’s where an independent IT consultant can come in. They’ll work alongside your staff to help you define your goals and direct you to the right IT to make them a reality. Or maybe you already have the right tools in place but aren’t using their features to their full capacity. It can be hard to tell without someone guiding you. Bringing in the extra pair of hands and eyes is the best way to find out what you can be doing better and how to prepare for what’s ahead.

Operational IT

Operational IT is when IT is used to support the functions of the business with things such as accounting software, e-mail systems, and electronic storage. When you’re working with limited resources, if you have an IT staff they’ll understandably focused on your products and services and less on internal efficiencies. Maybe it’s something that’s been on their to-do list, but keeps getting pushed back due to other pressing concerns and timely deliverables.

Having an IT consultant come in and assess your current software, CRMs, and other IT platforms can shed light on issues you might otherwise never have time to identify. You’ll end up with a business that works faster and more effectively without randomizing your employees. Your internal processes can be the Achilles’ heel of your business or the thing that helps you succeed. An independent IT consultant with a mind for operational IT will help get you to the latter.

Ready to bring on an independent consultant to help bolster your business processes and strategy? ISOutsource’s team of experts are ready to jump in and help. Whether you need a single person to provide direction or a whole team to help execute your vision, our flex sourcing options are a great way to get your business ahead. Reach out to us today.

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