The Benefits of Working in Information Technology

Finding a career you love can be a daunting pursuit, especially when you’re just graduating college. You want something that’s going to be fulfilling, exciting, and – sometimes most importantly – will help you pay your bills and loans. It can feel like Cinderella, carrying around a glass slipper throughout the town and trying to find the exact right fit. However, there may be an answer right in front of you: a career in information technology.

Even if you don’t have an IT-related degree, there are plenty of options within the field to build a career for yourself. Everything from digital marketing to business development can align with IT and don’t require you to be some “super hacker” like movies will lead you to believe.

Opportunity to Work in Large Organizations

For young graduates looking to start their careers at a large organization, IT provides a great way to get your foot in the door. The bigger the company, the more vast their IT needs. Not only will you get to work with new and exciting tech, but you’ll be able to get valuable workplace experience. Learning how to work with a team and familiarizing yourself with the infrastructure of a company is invaluable and not something you can necessarily get in school.

Chance to Travel

There’s a myth that once you’re working in IT, you’re tied to a cubicle staring at a screen. In reality, working in IT can often mean flying out across the country and even internationally. If you’re working at a larger enterprise company, it’s common to travel between different company offices to work with their teams. Plus there are conferences designed specifically to train IT professionals on the latest trends, often picking exciting locales like Madrid or Las Vegas to host their guests. You’ll be seeing more of the world than just the scenery on your desktop background.


Relatively, IT is a young industry but it’s here to stay. As IT embeds itself into nearly every facet of business – from point-of-sales to payroll – you can rest assured that it will exist for years to come in some form. Since these roles are so vital, IT jobs offer competitive pay. The average salary for an IT Specialist is quite impressive, and that’s just one of many jobs under the IT umbrella. The instant ramen days are over.

Being on the Cutting Edge of What’s Next

Aside from all of these tangible benefits, working in IT can be incredibly rewarding. It’s all about being on top of the next big evolution in technology and finding new ways to do business. You’ll be working in a field that’s built on innovation, so you’ll hardly have to worry about stagnation in your job. With new technology constantly emerging in automation and CRMs, you’ll get the chance to explore new ways of doing your daily task.

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