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7 Signs Your IT Team Needs Better Support

IT teams are responsible for ensuring that their technical systems and processes enable the business to scale fast, stay secure, gain productivity, and serve their clients well.  At some point, most IT teams need support. Whether it’s for a short or long-term project, they need better support to help them achieve their potential and ensure alignment between IT and business. Oftentimes, IT teams fail to seek additional support, causing issues to fester and grow. Below are 7 signs your IT Team needs better support: 

  1. IT Support Requests Keep Piling Up

The growing queue of IT support requests is a clear sign that something is not right. Unless most of your IT team has been out sick or on vacation for a few weeks, a build-up of support requests could indicate that your business’s IT needs are outpacing the capacity of your IT team. No matter how skilled they are, your team members have limited time and resources to handle the tasks at hand. This usually manifests in the form of longer resolution times and unhappy employees.

In such a scenario, it’s imperative that your IT team receives support. This could be in the form of adding a new team member or outsourcing some tasks to an IT consulting firm like ISOutsource. The objective is to ensure that your IT team can keep up with the growing requests and deliver on their responsibilities efficiently.

  1. You’re Planning a Major IT Project

Before embarking on a major IT project such as implementing a new system, hardware overhaul, or any other significant change, it’s crucial to involve your IT team in the planning process. Depending on the scope of the project and desired timeline, your IT team might struggle to balance their daily tasks with the project.

Without adequate support, either your everyday IT support or the project will suffer. This could lead to longer hours, burnout, and decreased productivity for your IT team members. To ensure a successful project outcome, provide temporary support during the project, which will keep everyone more productive and happier while ensuring nothing falls behind. Getting outside expertise will also help validate the choice of technology solution and ensure that it is not short sighted.

  1. Security Issues Are Becoming Common

Cybersecurity is a critical aspect that cannot be taken lightly. With carefully crafted phishing scams, cybersecurity fatigue, and the cybersecurity skills gap, companies are facing an increasing number of successful cyber-attacks.

If your business is experiencing more security issues or lacks a clear security plan, it’s a sign that your IT team needs support. With the threats becoming more sophisticated and persistent, fatigue is a real concern, leading to a drop in the guard of your IT team. To mitigate these risks, support your team with better tools and systems, continuous training, and seek assistance from an IT consulting firm for tasks such as vulnerability scans and penetration testing.

  1. Your Company is Taking Off Rapidly

As your business grows, the workload for your IT team increases, especially if the size of your IT team remains unchanged. When your business was small, a team of 2-3 IT staff may have been sufficient. But as your business expands and customer base grows, the pressure on your IT systems increases, especially if the staff does not have the breadth of technology skillset to ensure smarter choices, thus impacting the business in the long run.

Ensure that you provide adequate support to your IT team as you expand your business. This could be in the form of outsourcing services from an IT firm or adding another team member to manage the extra tasks.

  1. Your Team Seems Lost

Technology is rapidly changing, and while your IT team may excel at everyday troubleshooting and managing your current hardware and software, changes in technology can leave them feeling lost. If your IT team is giving vague answers to employees or is unable to solve problems effectively, it’s time to offer them support.

Providing support to your IT team in the form of training and guidance from an IT services provider can boost their morale and skills. Invest in training for your IT team before implementing any new software or hardware to ensure they’re ready to support it. Your IT team doesn’t have to fall behind, and with the right support, they can keep your business safe and the IT systems more efficient.

  1. Disaster Management:

In the event of an unexpected disruption, even the most competent IT teams can benefit from additional support. Your team’s response to a disaster scenario can offer insight into their current capabilities and potential areas for improvement. The absence of a disaster recovery plan or an ineffective plan can quickly escalate the situation and lead to significant data loss. By offering your IT team the necessary resources and support, you can help them establish a comprehensive disaster management plan and minimize the impact of a disaster on your business operations.

  1. Team Requests for Help:

A request for help from your IT team should not be ignored. It is a clear indicator that they are facing challenges and need support to continue delivering their best work. Providing your team with the resources and support they require can help maintain the smooth functioning of your business and ensure the IT side operates efficiently. Your IT team plays a crucial role in your organization’s success, and investing in their well-being can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Does your IT team need better support? Contact ISOutsource today to learn about all the ways we can help support your team and business. Over 500 small and medium-sized businesses use ISOutsource to completely manage their IT infrastructure or support their internal IT teams to help them scale, stay secure, and delight their clients.

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