4 Challenges Blowing The Minds Of CIOs This Year

As technology rapidly evolves, so do the challenges for CIOs. It’s their job to ensure a business adopts the right technologies to continue growing and thriving in a competitive landscape.

In 2018, CIOs face four noticeable challenges. We know overcoming them might not always be easy, but mastering them is a recipe for success.

1. Blending Security With UX

Security is always one of the topĀ challenges for CIOs. We couldn’t agree more. After all, security is vital for protecting a business’s data and reputation. However, the challenge doubles when CIOs must also consider user experience (UX).

Sometimes, security negatively affects UX. We’ve seen this result in adoption rate issues, customer dissatisfaction and more. For instance, consider two-factor authentication on phones for a moment. We think 2FA is a great security option, but if someone loses their device, they won’t be able to get theirĀ 2FA authentication code to log in to their account in order to recover data or remote wipe their device.

It’s a balancing act, but one we highly recommend focusing on. Security and UX can work together to make everyone happier and more secure.

2. Staying Agile

This one might seem obvious, but it’s an issue we encounter often when working with clients. A CIO might be scrambling to save the business with a new tech strategy. However, the problem is outdated devices, software and strategies. For instance, if most of a business’s competitors use the cloud for providing better customer service on the go, it’s vital for that business to adopt not only the cloud, but something even better than what the competition uses.

CIOs must learn how to be agile and adapt to changes. This includes picking and choosing which trends are most appropriate for a business’s needs and goals.

3. Going Beyond Data Collection

Businesses love to collect data, but why should they do with it? It’s one of the biggest challenges for CIOs. They must devise the best ways to store, analyze and use data to a business’s advantage. After all, what’s the point of having terabytes of data if a business never uses it?

This means going beyond collection and implementing new technology to process and benefit from gathered data.

4. Creating Unique Technology Strategies

We have yet to see two businesses that use the same exact technology strategy. While one business might upgrade all of their hardware, another business may only upgrade certain hardware. It’s vital for CIOs to think about what’s best for the business and create truly unique technology strategies, even if this means mixing old and new to save money on the budget, while being more efficient.

CIOs don’t have to face these challenges on their own. Contact ISOutsource today to learn how we can help.