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No Reselling

At ISOutsource, we do not resell hardware, software, or hosted services.

We realized years ago that there is an inherent conflict of interest when the person recommending that you replace your old server is also the vendor who profits on the sale when you buy a new server. The only way to provide honest and unbiased counsel to our clients was to stop selling computers, networking hardware, software, and hosted services.

Our Approach

When an expert IT consultant from ISOutsource recommends a specific hardware component, software program, or hosted service, you can rest assured that the consultant is offering advice that is based on a solid business case, not our profit motive. Our staff members are conscientious. They make recommendations that are based upon your business’ needs and objectives, not based on a desire to meet a sales quota or receive a commission.

Even though we don’t sell hardware or software, we still can manage the procurement process from recommendation, through implementation, aging and eventual replacement. We have strong relationships with Tier 1 resellers. They offer our clients favorable pricing based on the pooled buying power of over 600 small and medium sized businesses. ISOutsource will oversee the procurement process, deployment and ongoing asset management. At no point in the process do we receive a bonus or kickback from a hardware manufacturer or reseller.

Would you benefit from strategic guidance without a conflict of interest? Let’s talk!