Who Do You Trust When It Comes To Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing TrustWe can’t imagine any business that would choose a business partner they couldn’t trust. However, a cloud computing provider is like a partner and it’s just as crucial to vet them before choosing one.

While the cloud is a useful business strategy, it only pays off if businesses work with trusted providers. Luckily, there are some clues as to which ones are trustworthy and which ones should be avoided at all costs.

Understanding Cloud Security

The first issue we typically see is businesses working with cheap cloud computing providers with little to no security. While businesses are responsible for securing data at the business level, the cloud provider needs security features too. According to Gartner, 95% of cloud security failures are likely to be the customer’s fault, at least by 2022.

However, if no security options are available, it’s hard for a customer to be at fault for using security controls incorrectly. With growing cloud security threats, it’s important to look for cloud providers that have transparent security features. We recommend asking potential providers about their encryption methods, data redundancy features, security controls and regulatory compliance.

The Latest Tech

Part of the appeal of cloud computing is having access to better tech than a business would typically purchase for themselves. We use cloud computing ourselves and we readily admit that allowing the provider to ensure servers are always upgraded to last longer and process data faster is one of the things we love.

However, if a provider is using tech that’s outdated or about to be outdated, that’s a clear sign something is wrong. We can’t begin to express how dangerous it is to trust vital business data to a provider that isn’t even interested in using newer tech that works better, lasts longer and keeps your data more secure.

Trusting A Business’s Employees

While we believe it’s always important to do a little research to see if a cloud computing provider has ever had any breaches due to employee error or even straight-out data theft, it’s also important to consider a business’s own employees.

For instance, we train every employee in our own cloud security processes to ensure they don’t do anything to compromise our data. Even with the most secure provider, it’s still possible for an employee to ruin everything.

So, after checking out the background of a provider, we highly recommend creating detailed cloud computing security processes, training employees and ensuring business data stays secure on-site, during transit and in the cloud.

Learning who to trust isn’t always easy, but contacting our team is. Start the cloud computing journey with a reputable partner who always has your back.