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Cloud Applications for Productivity

Most mobile cloud apps are aimed toward consumerism.  News organizations like CNN have mobile apps to get the latest headlines, Netflix lets you watch the latest movies, Pandora and Spotify help you enjoy music from wherever you have 4G. It’s tougher to find applications that help you do your job in the same way. We recently… Read more »

Scalability – A Compelling Cloud Argument

There are many conversations regarding the Cloud these days, seemingly endless chatter on why to move to the cloud and why not to. The first and most important thing to understand when it comes to cloud computing is that it has not changed the goal of computing, just some parameters. The goal of all computing… Read more »

More BYOD Considerations

As we continue on our discussions around BYOD, one topic that comes up time and again is the potential issues around these mixed use devices. The mixing of personal and professional data creates some questions and issues that really do bear some analysis and discussion before making any final decisions regarding BYOD in your business.