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Texting While Walking – Something Else To Worry About

" />There are many scary things in life: taxes, death, spiders and the newest one for the list – texting while walking. The following video takes a humorous approach to this new issue.


Ok, so perhaps it is not the 8th sign of the apocalypse, but it is a legitimate concern for all of us and our employees. Keep in mind, if you expect people to be 'always on' and responding within a minute to any text or email you send, you are not really giving them much choice other than to be a texting driver, texting walker, etc.

I for one remember fondly the concept of collecting up my thoughts and concerns and delivering them via a daily phone call with my boss. A focused time of communications and priority setting. Then I spent my day achieving those goals, making decisions and doing things. Not texting or emailing about doing things, but actually doing them.

I love technology. I love the added productivity it enhances our lives with. However, I also realize that we have to be smart and manage these tools and use them intelligently, not become enslaved by them.

My simple rules for texting (or emailing) on a mobile device:

1) In the bathroom. Never. Just don't. I could explain, but I should not have
2) Driving. Never. People die that way.
3) On a date or in a social setting. Be careful. It is no different than starting up a physical conversation with another person, so be aware of who you are with.
4) Walking. Maybe not. Or at least not near traffic, water fountains, doors, or crowds. Plenty of YouTube 'fails' to see on texting and walking to prove that this now belongs on the list.

Let's just be careful out there, and practice safe AND Happy Computing.

-Richard Brunke