On-Premise VoIP | Control Over VoIP

One of the top reasons businesses choose an on-premises VoIP solution over cloud hosted is due to control. By owning the equipment and software, businesses can customize and control features and security. They still get the benefits of a VoIP system, but aren’t reliant on a hosting provider for security features.

Customization becomes a more noticeable feature with open source solutions. While these may take longer to implement, they’re ideal for businesses that wish to customize every aspect of the implementation.

Cost Effective

On-premises VoIP solutions are sometimes discounted due to cost. While the initial upfront cost is high, there isn’t a monthly service cost as there is with hosted solutions. For single location businesses or those with high usages, an on-premises option could be far more cost effective over time. This is especially true if you already have on-site IT staff that understand how to manage and maintain the VoIP solution. Of course, this can also be outsourced, which works well for small businesses that may not have their own IT staff.

It’s important to note that on-premises solutions don’t support remote employees. Businesses would need to implement a mobile policy to better support remote workers.

Reducing Internet Traffic

Depending on the implementation, it’s possible to separate calling from regular network traffic. This is a good option if your Internet connectivity is already sluggish at times. While it does take extra configuration, it’s ideal for optimizing network performance while still getting the benefits of a VoIP system.

If you’re debating on whether an on-premises VoIP system is right for your business, contact our team today. We’ll guide you through the pros and cons to help you determine which is best along with discussing our implementation and maintenance services.