Assessing Capabilities

In a perfect world, everything would work together seamlessly without making any major changes. We don’t live in a perfect world and IT is picky. This is especially true with voice and telephony solutions. Making the decision to upgrade communication systems sounds good in theory, but only if your infrastructure can support it.

This is where voice and telephony assessments come into play. Before investing in a new solution, it’s vital to assess existing networks and hardware to ensure compatibility. This helps businesses make more informed decisions and fully understand the costs necessary for upgrading their communication systems.

Network Performance

A business might not notice any problems with network latency when it comes to opening apps or sending emails. However, VoIP systems are highly sensitive to any latency issues. This could result in audio quality problems that could impair employees from communicating with each other or customers. Businesses may even experience dropped calls.

Of course, it’s important to also ensure the additional network traffic isn’t going to interfere with other traffic. In this case, virtual LANs may be necessary to separate voice and standard traffic.

Another consideration is how well the network performs with video calls. This puts an added strain on the network, but it’s a feature that’s incredibly useful.


Assessments give you valuable insight into the current state of your network and whether it’s ready for a VoIP system or not. If not, we’ll guide you through what upgrades are necessary to get the best results from a new VoIP solution.

Before making the choice to upgrade your communications systems, contact our team today to assess your network and help you prepare for the transition.